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Annilee Newton reads about the history of the French language while traveling on the tram from La Source to Orléans Centre Ville.

How Living in France transformed teacher

Angelina Pascali, Entertainment Editor June 10, 2021

With fear and anxiety, Annilee Newton, a freshman in college, embarks on a mission to see the world through a lens greater than that of her small hometown in northern Mississippi.  She plans to learn...

World geography teacher Juanita Camarillo loves teaching students and encouraging their journey. She is also loves soccer, carne asada and the outdoors.

Teacher embraces Mexican-American roots

Salma Abuzaher, Reporter June 9, 2021

Every summer, she ran barefoot on the rocks under the shade of the tall trees before being called for a warm, home cooked meal with a Coca Cola beside her grandmother, Tita. Here, on her grandmother's...

Ciego de Avila, where sophomore Rosali Zaldivar grew up, is a Cuban city located about nine hours away from the capitol city of Havana.

Sophomore shares story of her journey to America from Cuba

Taryn Morris, Reporter June 9, 2021

They had been waiting for three days now. The bone-chilling cold of the building made it impossible for her to relax. Her mom had been taken away for an interview, meanwhile, she waited just next door...

English teacher Jennifer Blessington shares her novel,

Bellaire teacher, bestselling author writes book that becomes Netflix movie: ‘Moxie’

Ella Goodweather, Reporter June 8, 2021

English teacher and author Jennifer Blessington has always loved words. She used to come up with stories before she even knew how to write. Growing up, Blessington obsessed over books. She read...

Chen (left) plays with Camille Lasics and Kylie Nguyen in her last game of the season with the freshmen volleyball team, which consists of seven members, the smallest team she has ever been a part of. The group went undefeated in district and clinched the district title.

How does one person juggle 3 sports and debate?

Freshman thrives on staying busy and productive
Pallavi Gorantla, News Editor June 5, 2021

Her parents taught her that “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” This saying has stuck with her through every aspect of her life, although she sometimes wonders how she balances...

Marta Flores de Gomez readies her first child for school before heading to work in the early morning.

Bellaire’s Selfless Servant

Ms. Flores shares her story of love, dedication and sacrifice
Ricky Kai, Features Editor May 25, 2021

The wailing of her baby wakes her up. In the pitch black, she navigates through the mess of her bedside desk to find her phone. It’s 5 a.m.  The crying comes from her second child, whose whining...

Senior Ligoriana Dillon (left) kisses her mom’s cheek in their apartment. Dillon and her mom were just returning home from sightseeing in Downtown Houston.

Senior opens up about growing up without a father

Malaika Suleman, Reporter May 10, 2021

After her father missed her sixth birthday, Ligoriana Dillon’s life changed forever. A happy, normal little girl living with her mom and dad in their apartment, Dillon’s life took a turn when her...

Senior Ondrej Cech in action during a hockey game for his high school team. Skating around, he waits for a pass.

Foreign exchange student loves hockey, American food, traveling

Abby McMorris, Reporter April 20, 2021

Senior Ondrej Cech wanted to try something new. He wanted to improve his English and he always wanted to see America.  In August 2020, he traveled from the Czech Republic to begin a foreign exchange...

On Oct. 18, Chodzko competed in a home show at her riding facility. There she won a first place ribbon, one of many. Chodzko looks forward to more wins in the future.

Love for equestrian: horseback riding becomes senior’s passion

Rory Schoech, Reporter April 20, 2021

At age 4, she visited the horse-riding barn, Foxfire Farms, for the first time. She saw an open field of green, luscious grass. Surrounding her were brown, grey and shiny black horses.  They looked like...

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