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Alaina and I practicing taking selfies at our first sleepover. Alaina uncovered this picture when going through her old pink iPod touch years later. (from left: Ella, Alaina)
Long distance friendship
Ella Evans, Reporter • January 25, 2023
My family’s Christmas Eve party photo from this Christmas. Everyone was able to attend this year.
‘I feel sad looking at her sometimes’
Marina Martinez, Reporter • January 25, 2023
The pamphlet my mom would show my teachers when they had conferences. 
It had all the information about children with hearing loss as well as my personal accommodations.
Growing up with hearing loss
Ella Sotiriades, Reporter • January 25, 2023
School buses line up in front of the school, ready to pick students up after school. They start lining up at the beginning of seventh period.
Student transportation handbook
Hanh Nguyen, Reporter • January 24, 2023
Musk purchased Twitter not only to free it from the censorship it experienced under its former leadership, but also to use it to pave the way for his X app. His idea originally was the use the app to promote his everything app and later incorporate it as a mini-feature of the X app. (Photo provided by Unsplash)
The X App: neXt big thing or a hoaX?
Jason Deng, Features Editor • January 23, 2023
Sophomore Ella Turney talks to Spanish teacher Esther Galo. The two discuss grades and other significant topics during the second half of Cardinal Hour.
Cardinal Hour: The highlight of our day
Irene Zheng and Grace Turney January 22, 2023
How to succeed at Bellaire
How to succeed at Bellaire
Alexa Bu, Business Manager and Beats Editor • January 20, 2023
Picture found on Pixabay
An APsolute waste of time
Ariel Lagnado, Reporter • January 18, 2023
A blast to the past
A blast to the past
Ella Sotiriades, Reporter • January 16, 2023
Shuri embraces her new black Panther suit and abilities while also honoring her brother T’Challa.
No, this is not Marvel’s redemption
Ian Kuzola, Opinions Editor • December 24, 2022
Student gaming the system in order to get good grades. He follows these test strategies.
Play for an A
Andrew Liu, Reporter • December 20, 2022
Hannah Goodwin represents NHS as its president, standing ready to recruit new members. She is also an officer in DACA and BPA.
Regrets, tips, tricks and more
Sebastian Kiteka, Reporter • December 17, 2022
Meena Jammi, Nikhi Kodali and Saanvi Sadana smile for the daily BeReal on Sept. 23. This photo has quickly become one of Jammi and Sadanas most prized possessions.
‘She’s not going anywhere’
Karis Chen and Lydia Tong December 15, 2022
Why does modern art get so much hate? Modern art may seem meaningless at first glance, but when you consider the context in which the art is created, you may uncover the significance.
Modern art gets too much hate
Alexa Bu, Beats Editor and Business Manager • December 12, 2022
Senior Sofia Abdalla deadlifts Owen Bell during Cardinal hour in 1603. Sofia has been deadlifting her friends and recording it on her phone.
Too much pressure for a pump
Blen Abebe and Mickie Levin December 3, 2022

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