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2.) Learning a new language 
You took or are taking one of the 11 languages that the magnet program has to offer.
Bellaire Buzz: 10 signs you definitely attend Bellaire High School
Salma Abuzaher and Maria G. Perez November 4, 2020

If you think you know everything about Bellaire take this Buzzfeed quiz and see how you compare to the average Bellaire student.

Anne Green
Catch the best movies from Freeform’s ‘31 Nights of Halloween’
Anne Greene, Reporter • October 27, 2020

For anyone following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for a safe holiday this Halloween, traditional trick-or-treating...

Chadwick Boseman drawing in remembrance of his death.
A king that left us too soon
Juan (Johnny) Garibay, Reporter • October 12, 2020

Instagram slowly loaded. Senior Melissa Rosario Alonso and sophomore Dorian Lagos browsed through the page in their usual routines. Neither of...

Pictured is a scene from the original play, Martians. Cast members Nathan Cooper, Ariana Pupo, Leah Harvell, Jacob Cantor, Ahmad Johns and Tiara Brown performed virtually for the first time.
Theater class hosts virtual performances
Rory Schoech, Reporter • November 16, 2020

Red Bird Productions debuted the Virtual Theater Festival on Friday, Nov. 13. The theater company’s 5th and 7th-period classes worked to produce...

Lizzie Fletcher with campaign intern and senior Elan Silberlicht
Full Q&A with Lizzie Fletcher
David Bournat, Editor-In-Chief • November 2, 2020

What will your priorities be if you are re-elected? During my first term, my priorities were issues that were critical to our community: protecting...

Wesley Hunt with campaign intern junior Levi Fox
Full Q&A with Wesley Hunt
David Bournat, Editor-In-Chief • November 2, 2020

What will your priorities be if you take office? My priorities, first, will be to make sure that we talk about fossil fuels in a more honest...

Reporter Juan Garibay observes how an SNL episode is influencing American politics through satire.
SNL influences U.S. 2020 presidential election
Juan (Johnny) Garibay, Reporter • November 17, 2020

As I searched for Channel 2, I couldn't believe it. Saturday Night Live (SNL) returned on Oct. 3, with Chris Rock as host and Megan Thee Stallion...

Senior Yasmeen Ofleh and junior Ashton Brown attend a BLM protest over the summer.
My experience at a Black Lives Matter protest
Yasmeen Ofleh, Reporter • November 13, 2020

I hooked arms with my best friend and someone I had never met before as we formed a barricade against the police officers trying to push us away...

Senior Abby McMorris works in Camp Paseo as a camp counselor and takes on eight hour shifts everyday.
My working experience during the pandemic
Abby McMorris, Reporter • November 8, 2020

I came close to being personally affected by COVID-19 when I chose to work this summer. It’s still so bizarre that we are making history and...

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