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Students enjoy lunch outside on May 24. Fifty seniors took around three hours the day before to move all of the cafeteria tables and furniture outside and set up the signs.
Emma Xiao and Claire Bradford June 4, 2023

Cafeteria chairs and tables strewn across the courtyard. Desks wrapped in plastic wrap and turned upside down. Sticky notes and painter’s tape...

Audrey Han June 4, 2023

“Freshman year, I had an expectation of a normal, movie-type high school [experience]. Then COVID happened sophomore year, and a lot of the...

“As it was, as it will be always” was a quote given by Kaegan Benson’s character: Nameless. In this picture you can see Mesto (left) and Nameless (top right) reaching godhood, Nosca and Vanya riding on a horse from battle and Q and Flynn watching the sunset in a different dimension.
An experience we will never forget
Johanna Wen, Art Director • June 3, 2023

Everyone knows the famous franchise Dungeons and Dragons, especially with its recent publicity in Stranger Things, the movie: “Honor Amongst...

My brother and I celebrate after he committed to the University of Arizona in 2021.
Home Alone
May 1, 2023
Senior pitcher Claire Shelley is at bat to swing after pitching five innings.
Cardinals display resilience, optimism in softball playoffs journey
Sebastian Kiteka, Reporter • May 28, 2023

The Bellaire Varsity Softball Cardinals embarked on an exhilarating playoff journey, from defeating their biggest rival to showcasing their skill...

Sveva Munneke celebrates with the won trophy for the All-Star game
All star ending
May 22, 2023
Junior Dhruv Balivada winds his arm back as he prepares to swing at the the incoming tennis ball. He plays doubles alongside sophomore Saachi Gupta.
The end of a season
May 13, 2023
Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press is a thought-provoking documentary that truly examines how money is used to silence the press.
‘Nobody Speak,’ a documentary revealing the fragility of our rights
Claire Bradford, Reporter • May 20, 2023

The importance of the First Amendment is not an unfamiliar concept. For years of education, we stand up and put our hands over our hearts...

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