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The Try Guys posted a video on their YouTube channel titled what happened. on Oct. 3 in which they addressed Ned Fulmer cheating on his wife. While they found out about the scandal over Labor Day weekend, rumors of his infidelity have been circulating the internet since May 2022.

Catastrophes of celebrity cheating

Claire Bradford and Haset Mekuria October 31, 2022

The internet is no stranger to cheating scandals. Gossip columns and paparazzi reach for any information they can use to pull a reader into the latest “dirt” found on celebrities. They become excessive...

After completing the tutorial, the player is free to explore the busy and big city: Splatville. A place where you can enter shops, the story mode through a sewer grate and participate in online matches such as Turf War, ranked game modes, Salmon Run and the new mini game, Table Turf.

Splatting away game competition

Johanna Wen, Art Director September 23, 2022

Since the recent release of Splatoon 3, fans have been gushing about its new features like lockers, new idols to start religions over and story challenges, while also complaining about and critiquing mechanics...

A graphic that depicts all the major school shootings that have taken place in Texas.

Another bullet shot, another child taken: why I am scared for the future of education, and why you should be too

Aniket Panicker, Opinions Editor June 10, 2022

May 24, 2022 had been a good day for me until 5:13 p.m. The beginning of the day felt quite nice to be honest; I spoke, laughed, worked, had fun, and was greeted back with the nostalgic yet refreshing...

Principal Michael McDonough speaks at the womens history month forum on March 11. A collaboration between the feminist club, student council, and period club, the forum allowed students to voice their opinions on womens issues in the school, showing how the school trusts and actually listens to its students.

A love letter to Bellaire: how freedom spurs greatness

Nabila Wilson, Marketing Director June 1, 2022

Despite breakdowns, late-night study sessions, and pure exhaustion, I have learned more this year than any time in my life. As my junior year comes to an end and my brain is not filled with US History...

A pedestrian walks down the unkempt sidewalks on Braeswood Place. Thin sidewalks covered in foliage are especially difficult for disabled people to navigate.

Walking in Houston does not have to be this hostile: why we need to demand better streets for pedestrians

Alexa Bu, Business Manager June 1, 2022

Walking in Houston is both uncomfortable and dehumanizing. So much so that it makes pedestrians feel like second-class citizens to drivers due to the secondary ranking of pedestrians to cars. In fact,...

Turning Red explores classic coming-of-age-themes through the lens of a girl gaining magical powers.

‘Turning Red’ is turning heads: why parent pushback on Disney’s newest film is unnecessary

Trinity Sloan, Reporter May 16, 2022

Turning Red is Disney’s newest animated film, an early 2000s coming of age story that follows Canadian eighth grader Meilin Lee who discovers that she has inherited the power to turn into a giant red...

A digital scam for a digital age

A digital scam for a digital age

Aniket Panicker, Opinions Editor May 10, 2022

There’s a recent topic making its circles around the ever-talkative world of the internet. Of course, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. There is always something gossip worthy floating about...

Kagerou Daze was beautifully animated by the artist sidu. It was one of NicoNicos most popular songs in Sept 2011, and the KagePros 9th most popular song by 2019.

‘Kagerou Project’: Jin’s revolutionary vocaloid album

Johanna Wen, Reporter March 21, 2022

Content Warning: mentions of death. The Kagerou Project has always held a soft place in my heart. Its unique music style was the first of its kind to introduce me to the wonderful world of VOCALOID...

Junior Helen Citino swoons as contestant Salvador sings to contestant Mallory in the pods. The couple ultimately end the show without rings, but agree to date outside of the show.

‘Where did the producers find these people?’

Helen Citino, Reporter March 12, 2022

The first thought I had while watching “Love is Blind: Season 2” was “where did the producers find these people?” This season of “Love is Blind” had the most insane, delusional cast I’ve...

Peanut Butter Patties are by far the best Girl Scout cookies Ive ever eaten. The peanut butter and chocolate duo keep me wanting more.

Peanut Butter Patties are greater than Caramel deLites

Irene Zheng, Reporter March 10, 2022

After knocking on hundreds of doors and manning dozens of booths, I’ve never failed to hear the question, “Which cookies should I buy?” So here I am to answer this question once and for all. In...

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