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Sloan shares some dos and donts for new babysitters. Dos include being polite and having a set rate to charge and Donts include canceling last minute and being inappropriate.

A babysitter’s survival guide

Trinity Sloan, Reporter March 7, 2022

I’ve dealt with tantrums. I've changed diapers. I've listened to Baby Shark hundreds of times, and in the process, I’ve picked up a thing or two about handling a night as the new babysitter. If...

Energy drinks range in varieties of flavors. Energy drinks like Bang and Monster generally cost around an average of $3 individually.

‘Honestly my saving grace’

Johanna Wen, Reporter February 23, 2022

Energy drinks are “lifesavers.” Most students who have stayed up all night doing an assignment know this. But these caffeine packed beverages are double edged swords. And the edge facing towards...

The good thing about Christmas is that there are a variety of gift ideas, even under $50. Theres nothing better than gathering around the Christmas tree and unwrapping gifts that you actually wanted.

25 trendy gift ideas under $50

Corinthiann St. Andry, Entertainment Editor December 18, 2021

The holidays are near, and the smell of gingerbread and vanilla fills the air. Millions of families begin to set up their Christmas trees and ornaments. However, one thing is still missing: the presents. Here...

A person celebrates peoples identities with trans, genderfluid, nonbinary and queer.On the third Wednesday of October, transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming individuals around the world, as well as their allies, observe International Pronouns Day to promote respect, sharing and education throughout the year.

Why gender identity should be respected

Johanna Wen, Reporter December 8, 2021

People’s gender identity should be respected. Based on an Instagram poll on Oct. 24, 82 percent of 124 students at Bellaire are openly supportive of individuals using pronouns other than binomial pronouns....

Panicker reviews for his Algebra II exam that he has in one hour. He hopes to cover the new concepts he was taught as fast and efficiently as he can before the test.

From logging on to walking in: My experience adjusting to in-person school

Aniket Panicker, Opinions Editor November 29, 2021

The cold breeze of the bedroom fan wakes me up as I prepare myself for a new day, promising myself that ‘today will be different’. I constantly remind myself of this promise as I carry out my morning...

Every Thanksgiving, over 45 million turkeys are subjected to torture as they are separated from their mothers at birth only to be raised on a factory farm and killed. Some reasons to skip the turkey at your Thanksgiving feast this year are: turkeys are faced with intentional cruelty and abuse, diseases spread through turkey tissue, it is healthier to not eat turkey, and turkeys are adorable.

Turkeys are friends, not food

Salma Abuzaher and Sara Wolf November 26, 2021

We are never eating turkey again. Thanksgiving is a holiday known for bringing family together, however, this is not the case for turkeys. Every Thanksgiving, over 45 million turkeys are subjected to torture...

Fantasy football involves thinking and strategizing rather than throwing and catching. Several students use Yahoo Fantasy Football to manage their teams and players.

Big prizes and embarrassing consequences: the thrill of fantasy football

Jonathan Chiriboga, Reporter November 18, 2021

Over 40 million people are currently playing fantasy football, from the US to Nigeria. My good friend didn’t even watch football - and now he avidly looks forward to future seasons. “It makes football...

Junior Sara Wolf relaxes for a long movie night watching Cocktail followed by Risky Business. She sets out her favorite fall snacks including maple cookies and pumpkin chocolates.

Tom Cruisen’ through the 80s and 90s

Sara Wolf, Opinions Editor November 11, 2021

Sliding across the living room in his underpants, juggling hard liquor and working his way back to the top after losing all of his sports clients, a young Tom Cruise starred in “Risky Business,” “Cocktail”...

Mias ineffable reaction to playing The Rawls Golf course at Texas Tech University. Mia was unable to play golf for the past year due to COVID-19.

From uncertainty to certainty: student athlete’s pandemic experiences

Mia Sanchez, Senior Sports Reporter November 10, 2021

When I look back and ponder upon the impact COVID-19 had to offer, it shocks me to think of the sudden change in life I faced as a student athlete. My experience as a student athlete in all the uncertainty...

The decade-long divide between Android and iOS started back in the late 2000s. Both systems have been improving and building upon each others features.

Tug-of-war between a robot and an apple

Irene Zheng, Reporter November 6, 2021

Between the option of a cute, little green robot or a half-eaten apple, I prefer the robot, even if the apple is shiny and silver. From Apple devices, like iPhones and iPads, to Android phones, from...

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