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Iman receives mail from colleges almost daily showcasing their programs and campus life.

Are summer college programs worth it? Look closely.

Iman Suleman, Copy Editor May 28, 2021

It all started with an email. “Illuminate Your Future This Summer with BU’s Pre-College Programs” the email said. The school highlighted its many programs tailored toward high school students...

Learning via video call has had unexpected effects on students. Oftentimes, students experience a lack of connection between their peers and an overwhelming sense of anxiety.

From Zoom breakouts to Zoom burnouts: how to relieve digital exhaustion

Sonya Kulkarni, News Editor May 27, 2021

Toward the end of last year, a tweet from Buzzfeed trends editor Delia Cai became a web sensation. To some, this joke may seem remarkably relatable.  Over a year into the pandemic, we seem to be...

Senior Ben Finley heads up to bat against Lamar High School.

Senior-heavy roster leads baseball to district championship

Eli Cowan, Sports Editor May 27, 2021

Heading into the 2021 season, most who followed our baseball team closely expected huge years from some of the top seniors on the roster. Seniors Caden Biedermann, Will Russo, and Parker Smith, among others,...

Sophomore Sara Wolf and her trip-mates congregate on a small island attached to the evenings campsite. They play Egyptian Rat Slap (ERS) and War with a deck of cards while they wait for the sun to set.

My experience paddling through the Canadian wilderness

Sara Wolf, Reporter May 26, 2021

I watch the glowing pink and orange water grasp onto my paddle and then glide into a swirly blur. As I continue to progress across the center of the lake, crossing the border between Canada and the United...

Sophomore Aniket Panicker sleeps on the couch as the mini-artic freeze reaches its peak. He is covered in three layers of blankets and is shivering as the room temperature hits a low of 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sophomore shares chilling story of three days without power

Aniket Panicker, Opinions Editor May 26, 2021

I was excited. On Feb.14, a cold chill swept through me as I sat on my gray couch watching an episode of “The Dragon Prince”. “Finally, it’s starting to get cold, I thought as my excitement had...

Corinthiann St.Andry was bullied in sixth grade, and she wants to bring awareness to bullying. Bullying is never OK, and she is sharing her story so others can help bring awareness to situations of bullying.

Bullying: an ordeal I’ll never forget

Corinthiann St. Andry, Reporter May 12, 2021

The first-period bell rang as students shuffled into their seats. It was the start of the second semester at Pershing Middle School. I sat down at my newly assigned table in English class. There were two...

Masks are laid out on a kitchen table. These are medical masks used to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Repealing mask mandate lift puts lives at risk, threatens safety of millions

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on March 2 that Texas will end its mask mandate and allow businesses to operate at full capacity starting March 10. Disregarding guidelines set by the CDC and warnings...

Senior Maria G. Perez drives her beige Jeep Wrangler to wherever she desires. It is what has now made her more responsible.

‘I named her Coco and I’m in love with her’

Maria G. Perez, Reporter April 17, 2021

My name is Maria G. Perez, and I own a 2017 beige Jeep Wrangler. What I love most about my jeep is the color. I rarely see beige cars around, so it makes me feel like my Jeep is pretty unique. However,...

My AP Statistics teacher Ms. Kubena used the Barron’s AP Statistics prep book to assign us practice problems to prepare for the AP test.

A graduating senior’s analysis of Bellaire’s best AP classes

Zaid Ali, Reporter April 6, 2021

As course selection for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors approaches, Bellaire students might be confused about which AP classes to take. As an experienced senior who has taken a wide variety of classes,...

Generation Z, the first generation to experience the technological boom as early as middle school, struggles with body image and self-esteem because of their exposure to social media.

Netflix documentary, ‘The Social Dilemma’ uncovers the reality of social media

Oceana Jin, Photography Editor April 1, 2021

“Do you check your smartphone before or while you pee in the morning?”  American businessman, investor, venture capitalist and musician Roger McManee says those are the only two options. Whatever...

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