How to be a fashion icon


Photo provided by Corinthiann St. Andry

Jewelry, makeup, and purses can be used as extra accessories for a bold new look.

Corinthiann St. Andry, Reporter

‘Twas the night before the family gathering, but all through the closet, not a shirt nor a sweater were stirring an outfit, not even a skirt. Oh, but do not worry because after reading this, you will be speeding back down to your closet, picking an outfit without a huff about it.

Look 1: Get comfortable

As the weather starts to cool, everyone hurries to change their wardrobe. Long sleeves, sweaters, jeans and boots fill up the racks, leaving numerous fashion ideas. Let us commence with a comfy and cozy at-home look. First, start out with a plain black long-sleeve shirt. This will not only be comfortable but also shape your body like a glove according to your body shape. Then, pair it with grey sweatpants and tuck the black shirt in for a fitted look. To finish off this snug look, slide on a pair of black socks, tie on a ponytail or bun and voila: a comfy outfit to wear around the house during the coolest season. 

Look 2: Outfit for one

Going in the opposite direction, here’s how to style a fancy going-out ensemble. Begin with a dress of your choice and pair it with an elegant coat of the same color scheme. This makes it easier to pair accessories and shoes. Add an optional belt. For makeup, go with a nude-style shimmer. Attach some glitter to the eyeshadow and glaze a nude lip gloss over your lips. Accessorize with gold jewelry to emphasize the look and make yourself the star of the fashion show. Layer on necklaces and bracelets to make your outfit pop. Or, you can choose not to accessorize for a laid back appearance. Wear a natural hair look. Finally, throw on a pair of your favorite black boots and a white purse of any kind. Slip on thigh-highs for a mature look or cute black heels for a more modest look. Have fun with family and friends in this deliciously delightful dinner outfit.

Look 3: #FashionIcon

Similar to the last outfit, we’re continuing with a toned-down going-out look. Pull over a hoodie and match it with your favorite jeans. Go with a nude, shimmer or regular makeup look once more. Accessorize with gold or silver jewelry depending on the color scheme. If you have a green, yellow, orange or red color scheme then you can wear gold jewelry. If you have a blue, purple or pink color scheme then you can wear silver jewelry. You can tie your hair up in a ponytail and, for an extra touch, pull the baby hairs to the front. Again, pair this look with some thigh-highs for a mature look or sneakers for a modest look. Choose a mini purse with a neutral tone. Run errands with this outfit or use this look to take fabulous Instagram photos. 

Look 4: Best dressed

  Now we are going to construct a completely dressed up look. Grab your fanciest formal dress out of your closet and drape it around your body. Throw over a sweater to keep warm. Makeup time: put on a look with the same color scheme as the outfit. Accessorize with the same silver or gold jewelry. Follow the corresponding color palette as before to decide whether to choose gold or silver. Tie on a tight bun or pigtails. Include a white purse or a purse with a similar color design as your outfit. Finally, throw on a pair of black high heels to spice it up. Live it up at a party or mingle during a dance in your newly-styled, exquisite outfit.

You can now be the star of the show with all of these outfits. Let out your inner fashion sense, and be your own icon.