Netflix cancels popular shows, upsets fans


Sophie Hinh

Sophomore Sophie Hinh prepares her perfect Netflix-watching set up. She has her favorite candy and snacks within reaching distance.

Sara Wolf, Reporter

The auto trailer begins to play with a slight stroke of the mouse. Although tempting, freshman Hannah Cohen has to do her research before dedicating the next week to binge-watching Netflix’s “Anne With An E”. 

After developing a strong interest in the plot of “The Society” only to be left on what she considers to be one of the most painful cliff hangers, Cohen is extremely cautious when selecting shows to watch. 

“By the time that Netflix had cancelled it, I had already watched the first and only season of The Society,” Cohen said. “Had I known that there would never be a second season, I don’t think I would have watched the show.”

Sophomore Sophie Hinh was disappointed to hear that her favorite show, “Atypical”, had been cancelled. When Hinh found out that “Atypical” was not planned to be renewed after the fourth season, she was crushed. 

“I felt such a strong connection to the show as I have also grown up in a huge family where things can get tense. One of the main reasons I loved the show so much is because I related to one of the main characters, Casey, who struggled with finding her sexual orientation as a teen. She reminded me that it’s okay to not have everything figured out at 16 years old,” said Hinh.

Also disappointed by the cancellation of his favorite show, “The Last Kingdom”, junior Vinh Duong plans to find out the end of the story. After scavenging the internet, Duong discovered that “The Last Kingdom” was based on a book series called “The Saxon Stories” consisting of 13 books. Each season of the show corresponds with one book of “The Saxon Stories” up until the final and soon-to-be released fifth season.

“I have not read any of the books, but I am considering buying them from where Netflix leaves things off. First, I plan to watch the final season, and then if I’m unhappy with how Netflix leaves things off, I’ll purchase the books,” Duong said.. “Netflix is notorious for cancelling shows, and there isn’t much I can do aside from enjoying the final season when it comes out.

Cohen said some shows are cancelled for a reason. 

“After watching the first and only two seasons of ‘Insatiable’ it is clear that this show did not deserve a third season,” Cohen said. “It set a terrible example for teenagers in this society by glorifying eating disorders, fat-shaming the main character, and the stereotypes just really got on my nerves.”

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