[NEWS BRIEF] Belles senior night: The final dance


Haset Mekuria

Senior Maysa Busaidy is accompanied by her parents after performing during halftime. She plans to attend Southwestern University in the fall.

With a final leap, seniors on the Bellaire Belles Dance Team were called out by name at Delmar Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 5 for the Belles senior night. After the team’s halftime performance, Belles seniors walked onto the field with their parents as their names and the university they would be attending were called out after their halftime show.

“[The event was] very emotional but it was really nice,” senior and Belles President Samantha Wexler said. “[Walking onto the field was] a little scary, but it was really nice to have [my parents] up there with me.”

In order to celebrate the hard work of the dancers, senior night is dedicated to the officers and directors, as well as to give support to the entire team throughout the season, who showcase their skills at every football game. Senior Belle Maysa Busaidy said performing is the most enjoyable part of being on the team.

“Performing halftime at football games will always be one of my favorite moments about being a Belle,” Busaidy said. “Even if we don’t always win, the halftime show is a breather from the game and more focused on us having fun as a team and family.”

For Wexler, the chance to bond with each team member was worth the hard work that comes with being a member.

Samantha Wexler raises her pom poms during a Belles stand dance. Wexler is the president of Belles. (Haset Mekuria)

“It’s a lot of work and commitment, but I really like seeing all of the behind-the-scenes that goes into the team,” Wexler said. “I feel like it gives me the opportunity to really get to know every single girl on this team. They are all just really, really amazing people to always be around.

Not only has Belles taught Wexler to have commitment, but it also taught her to see the dance team as more than her peers, but also as family.

“It has taught me just how to find people and be around people and create a really great environment,” Wexler said. “My family, the team and the school have become the people I go to with everything and leaving that is really scary, but it’s gonna be fine.”

Busaidy holds a similar sentiment, knowing she will be reminiscent of the relationships Belles has given her as she graduates.

“I will never forget the tight-knit family bond we have as Belles,” said Busaidy. “We all call Ms. Denman our mother as she acts like it in our dance team. I will definitely miss the belles but I’ll be back to cheer with them as a university student.”