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‘It’s you and me in this world’: K-pop Club’s dive into duo dancing

Clarissa Li
K-pop Club performs the pre-chorus of the song “Bite Me” by ENHYPEN.

Music blasted from Room 1221. With desks and chairs pushed aside, people lined the “dance floor.”

On Sept. 29, K-pop Club hosted a dance workshop to teach the choreography of “Bite Me” by Korean boy group ENHYPEN.

Senior Nevaeh Johnson, president of the K-pop Club, helped teach the choreography. They chose the song “Bite Me” because “it’s a popular song that people know.”

“It also [got] members of K-pop Club to be comfortable with each other because it’s a partner dance,” Johnson said.

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Junior Justin Lan enjoyed dancing with his dance partner.

“I had to spin around [my partner], and then put my hands near their neck,” Lan said. “That part was the most memorable for me. I knew [they] did dancing in their free time, but I’ve never danced with them firsthand.”

Lan also bonded with the other club members by discussing funny or confusing and difficult moves.

“I’m kind of uncoordinated, so I was kind of nervous,” Lan said. “But I think everyone there is just trying to focus on learning the dance.”

Senior Jingyu Wu has learned K-pop choreographies in the past. She found the dance “difficult” at first because of its body rolls, yet found learning easier when dancing in-person.

“It’s just different from when you’re learning from video,” Wu said. “[When] learning from a student, you can actually listen to them explaining.”

For sophomore Emma Lacson, the workshop was a place to “de-stress.”

“I don’t have time to dance anymore because of [different] time commitments,” Lacson said. “So it was just really nice, being able to dance again.”

She finds K-pop Club to provide a “comfortable” environment. Lacson explained that K-pop Club always has K-pop music videos playing, leaving her to “just sit down and enjoy [herself].”

“Everyone is on the same ground,” Lacson said. “Everyone is sharing this thing that most other people can’t relate to. These environments are like havens for people that can’t express [their interests] with their friends and don’t share the same interests as them.”

To keep up with K-pop Club, join the club’s Remind @bhs-kpclub or follow its Instagram @bellairekpop.

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