Fuzzy’s Pizza Restaurant Review

Fuzzys Pizza, which is located on 8914 Westheimer Road , has been critically successful and popular among consumers. It has a variety of mouthwatering Italian food that was sure to please customers of all ages.

Andrea Desiderio, the waitress, talked about her experience working at the restaurant.

“I like how it is always busy and there is something new for me to do,” Desiderio said. “I also love the pizza. My favorite is the vegetarian. Yeah, it really is a nice place to work at.”

When I first entered inside, there was an energetic ambiance. There were TV’s around the shop showing football games and different designs hung showing Texas spirit. Desiderio seated me at a table. I ordered a slice of their fresh, simple pizza. It came in a timely manner, steam coming from the slice. With tax, it was rounded to $3.00. In general, the shop was in the medium to the expensive range, as some whole pizzas were almost $20. The price was definitely worth the food though, as the pizza had a perfect balance of all the ingredients used.

At the first bite, you can tell that the amount of oil on the pizza was placed perfectly. The sauce was hidden under the cheese and seemed as there was not any at first, but as I ate the pizza the taste was noticeable. The cheese at first look looked like there was too much on the pizza, but after tasting it, I also realized the amount they put complemented the texture and taste of the pizza.

Out of five stars, I would give Fuzzy’s pizza a 5 based, based upon the quality of the pizza and the atmosphere of the restaraunt. You can tell that the pizza is made by scratch and that fresh ingredients were used. I would definitely recommend any hungry, Italian craving customer to come and give it a try.