‘Among Us’ lies an impostor


Photos provided by Nadra-Claire

The two players have been selected as Impostors and are tasked with killing all the other players in the game.

Nadra-Claire Assad, Reporter

Among Us is now the leading game on Steam’s Best Sellers’ List.

A cross between Mafia and Project Winter, Among Us brings 10 players to a map where eight of them are crewmates and must complete tasks to win, while two of them are impostors who must secretly kill the others before they complete all of their tasks. A round ends when a body is found or someone calls a meeting. At the end of each round, players can choose to vote out someone who they think is the impostor. 

The game is free on iOS and Android, but costs $5 if you want to download it on a computer. There are in-game purchases you can make if you want to give yourself a pet or buy a new outfit or hat.

The simplistic design of the game is captivating. The animations of the characters are just as simple, but both contribute to the game’s popularity. Although there are only three maps, they are all unique and easy to navigate through. 

There are multiple ways to tailor the game to your personal preferences. The settings menu provides you with different ways to play. For example, one game mode is “Hide and Seek.” At the beginning of the round, there is only one impostor who makes themselves known and gives crewmates a 15-second countdown before finding as many people as possible before the crewmates complete all their tasks. The player speed is increased to add to the fun. Yes, it gets insanely chaotic, but it keeps the game lively. 

Another exciting way to play is the “Slasher” mode. In this mode, there’s only one impostor whose cooldown is reduced to only 10 seconds, and the crewmates’ visions are inhibited. The game would essentially be played normally, but this time, it’s scarier and harder than normal. 

InnerSloth, the developer, has done an amazing job in giving Among Us admirable characteristics that distinguish it from other murder mystery games. They gave players the tools they need in order to become the next Sherlock Holmes.