Top 10 Apps Every Student Should Have


Pallavi Gorantla

There are a variety of apps students can use for productivity, entertainment, and education. Spotify is a music app that customizes playlists for you and Plantie is a homework productivity app where you can’t go to other apps when it’s open.

These 10 amazing apps are bound to make you more productive and free your mind from the stress of school. Download these apps to maximize your entertainment and study abilities, after you’ve read this article of course.


1. CamScanner – It scans documents quickly and converts them into pdfs, jpegs or other file types. It is great for uploading assignments to the HUB instantly if you forgot. ​​Students take a picture of their assignment and the app fixes the dimensions. The app then converts the picture into a form ready to be airdropped or sent to another device. This app gets rid of having to use an actual scanner or uploading blurry pictures to the HUB.


2. Evernote –  An efficient note-taking app that includes class notes, research features, reminders, shortcuts, sharing, checklists and time management features, the biggest feature is that the app syncs notes to other personal devices so that notes can be taken on a laptop in school and then can be accessed on a phone at home.


3. HotspotShield – Need to text your best friend on Instagram at school but can’t? This app is a VPN that fixes that problem and allows students to use Instagram, Discord, Snapchat and other social media platforms at school.


4. Charades! – This app has a very broad range of topics from World Food to 80s Pop Culture. Charades is a fun game to play, and see your friends act out the wackiest things.


5. Duolingo – Ever have a random urge to learn Italian? This app is great to learn the basics of 19 languages. Future additions included Zolo, Austronesian Tagalog, Haitian Creole and more to help protect endangered languages.


6. Spotify/Apple Music – These are user-friendly apps to play music during breaks at school, while doing homework, etc. You can play any type of music you want, and you can also make your own playlists. These apps also give you recommendations based on the type of music you listen to, and you can share playlists with your friends.


7. Doordash/UberEats – These apps deliver food if you ever forget your lunch, can’t drive or don’t have a Home Lunch Permit. They include contactless delivery and delivery from local restaurants. They are available on both Apple and Android platforms.


8. Plantie – This app is good for keeping distractions away. Students put in the time they need for an assignment, and a plant will grow at the same time. If the student swipes out of the app, the plant stops growing, and a notification that says “task interrupted” will appear. This app is essential for students so they don’t get distracted and It includes a fun element because you can grow your favorite plants.


9. Plato – This app is a messenger app that combines games including Table Soccer, Mini Golf, Cup Pong and more. It is similar to GamePigeon on Apple devices, and this app is user-friendly for everyone. Games can have up to nine players. From personal experience, this app came in handy during lockdowns between my friends at school. It also brings out the competitiveness in friend groups. There are a lot of games that are spin-offs of real games like Bankroll which is like Monopoly.


10. Find My iPhone – If you’re like me and are always losing your phone, this app is great for you. Losing your phone is always a pain, and this app instantly locates it for you. It not only locates your phone but other Apple devices such as Airpods, Macbooks, etc. For Android users, Find my Mobile is a similar app.