Music and magic: Band’s trip to Disney World

Photo provided by Abigail Turney
Members of the band pose for a picture in Hollywood Studios. One of the most popular rides in this park was the Tower of Terror.

Grace Turney, Reporter

A herd of 47 teenagers, each with an instrument in tow.

A workshop where band members listen to expert advice.

Throw in a few rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse waffles, and you have Bellaire band’s trip to Disney.

On March 31, the band left for a five-day long trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Band member and freshman Meadow Lam felt the trip provided the band with an experience that was both fun and educational, as it taught her and the rest of the members how music was recorded.

“My favorite part was the workshop because it was really fun,” Lam said. “We got to play a lot of Disney music. We even recorded Frozen songs, and they put it into the animation at the end of the Frozen movie, and we got to rewatch that.”

The workshop was only one of many fun experiences at Disney.

“We went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios,” Lam said. “The rides that were the most fun were Tower of Terror, the Star Wars rides and Expedition Everest. Most of the rides had long lines, but they were definitely worth it.”

The Disney trip also allowed the band to skip two days of school, something band members like sophomore Lucie Loretz was grateful for.

“It was so fun and a much needed break,” Loretz said. “I got to spend time with friends outside of class and make new experiences with them.”

Loretz was impressed with how smooth the trip went due to the good behavior of the band.

“I gained a lot of respect for the band because everyone conducted themselves so well, and we got away with minimal incidents,” Loretz said. “I would love to go on another trip like this.”

For sophomore Abigail Turney, the trip to Disney was one she’ll never forget.

“The experience was even better than I expected it to be,” Turney said. “My friends and I were constantly laughing and goofing off, just having a lot of fun with each other. It was such a carefree and light-hearted atmosphere.”