A look back on the eMotion Dance Co. fall show, Desires

Senior Jadyn Wu, eMotion’s modern dance president, poses in the spotlight during the fall show on Dec. 3. Her magnifying costume highlights the emotional undertones of the dance.

eMotion’s annual fall show returned in-person for a sold out show in the auditorium on Dec. 3.

The nationally recognized dance company has won numerous national and regional championship titles and various choreography, technique and entertainment awards. Last Friday, eMotion returned to the stage after holding virtual shows during COVID-19 on their YouTube Channel.

“It’s so much different because we’ve been so used to screens and nobody being there, but the energy is just so much different and so much more positive; it’s refreshing,” junior Kennedy Houston said after the show.

Most of eMotion’s dances are student-choreographed, meaning the dancers create the dances themselves and then teach them to their fellow classmates. Paris Kent, artistic director of eMotion, oversaw the production of the fall show.

“The highlight is just seeing the kids come together,” Kent said. “During COVID, we weren’t able to do that, so now that we’re back on campus, we’re able to actually get together and produce the magic we produced tonight. I’m so glad that they were able to perform, and it’s overwhelming to be able to watch them perform and look the way they do; they’re just amazing kids.”