National Honor Society induction moves to Oct. 12

National Honor Society Logo

National Honor Society Logo

David Bournat, Editor-In-Chief

The National Honor Society has rescheduled its original Sept. 21 virtual induction ceremony for juniors until Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. on Microsoft Teams. 

The original date conflicted with a Sept. 21 faculty meeting when Bellaire principal Michael McDonough announced in-person learning plans. Traditionally, the NHS induction ceremony occurs in the spring sometime in April, but was moved to the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year due to HISD moving to online-learning last March. 

NHS sponsor Carl Casteel said they thought the induction was a good way to start out the year. “Typically, the induction takes place in the spring for the sophomores so when school begins in the fall they are already NHS members,” Casteel said. “However, due to COVID we decided to wait until the beginning of the new school year and have a positive way to start classes.”

The induction ceremony will be different than in previous years as members will be unable to walk across the stage and receive their certificates. Juniors this year will not be able to receive their NHS certificate until they return back to school. 

“Until they have taken the pledge during the induction ceremony, they are not officially considered members,” Casteel said. “Juniors must attend the ceremony to recite the pledge and also click yes in a google form in order to be inducted into the NHS.”