Q&A with UNICEF member: ‘I know our actions are helping thousands around the world’


Photo provided by Karla Ramirez

The bingo board posted by sophomore Karla Ramirez on her instagram story to support her favorite UNICEF Club event, the Trick-or-Treat Halloween Bingo. By doing this, Ramirez was able to help children obtain water, food, shelter and education.

Maria G. Perez, Reporter

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing UNICEF member and sophomore Karla Ramirez.

1.) How would you describe yourself when you’re involved in the UNICEF club? 

“I feel very happy when I’m participating in UNICEF because I know our actions are helping thousands around the world who don’t have the same privileges as we do.”

2.) Bellaire offers so many clubs, why did you choose to join the UNICEF club?

“I chose the UNICEF club because what we do not only helps me as a person become more aware of others’ living conditions but also helps us make real change in disadvantaged children’s lives.”

3.) What’s your favorite event that you have participated in while being in this club? Why? 

“My favorite event has been the “Trick-or-Treat Halloween Bingo” because it helped spread the club’s mission and with the help of family and friends the club was able to collect money to help children obtain an education, shelter, food and water.”

4.) Do you think you’ve changed ever since you joined the UNICEF club? 

“Yes, I believe I’ve become more grateful with what I have and it pushes me to want to help those who are not as fortunate.”

5.) Would you motivate others to join this club? Why? 

“Yes, of course! I would encourage everyone to join the club because it’s for a good cause and we get to help children in over 190 countries.”

6.) What do you think makes the UNICEF club different from other clubs?

“Although every club has its purpose, I believe UNICEF is linked to something much bigger since it’s a worldwide organization that has been working to meet children’s needs for almost a century now.”

7.) What do you enjoy the most when you join club meetings/events? 

“All the meetings have been super fun, all the members are really nice, and it feels like a safe space where we all share the desire to become more aware of worldwide issues.”

8.) What does the UNICEF club mean to you? 

“UNICEF means a lot to me. I think it has encouraged me to learn more about the issues going on today and topics that I’m really passionate about such as gender equality and human trafficking, and I know there are others who feel the same way.”

9.) How do you feel about being in the club? 

“Although this is my first year being a member of the club, I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s been a great learning experience so I will join again next year for sure.”

10.) What recent event is the club participating in? 

“The club is currently participating in a pen pal event in which we connect with members of UNICEF clubs from all over the US which I think is really cool because it’s an opportunity to connect with others who share the same interests.”