Choir students compete for the first time in almost two years


Photo provided by Bellaire Choir Website

Choir congratulates Jonathan Du for making All State Choir, which he got in by sending in multiple video auditions for the contest.

Anushka Ravi, Business Manager

Junior Jonathan Du made the All-State Choir, the highest honor a Texas music student can receive, in February this year. After many auditions throughout the year, Junior Du learned from an email that he had made All-State Choir. 

“The auditions for All-State were online beginning in December, and it was an interesting experience auditioning online for each part of the process,” Du said. “I was really excited when I found out I made All-State, I’m so grateful to be a part of the choir.”

Du also participated in the UIL Solo and Ensemble state competition on March 6.

 “We usually go to Austin on a school bus with all the choirs. The bus ride is the best part, everyone is nervous but we still have fun and relax during the trip.” junior, choir council treasurer Ashley Muniz. 

Although they held a few virtual rehearsals to prepare for UIL, they started in-person rehearsals on March 1. 

“We had this rehearsal for all the soloists to perform in front of the choir and see how prepared they were for UIL,” Muniz said. “I was really excited to go back to school. I got to see many of my choir friends in real life for the first time in a really long time.” 

This year the Solo and Ensemble contest was held differently. Instead of traveling to Austin,  a judge came to Bellaire and the students went to school during their allotted time to compete.

“Many of us missed the contests last year because of the pandemic, and competition season is usually during spring,” junior Gabriella Ibarra said. “It’s been a very long time since I competed with the school and I’m excited to start preparing.”

Choir students also did their yearly tradition of singing valentines virtually this year, with a predetermined set of songs. 

“We do singing valentines every year and we thought it would be best to carry on the tradition,” Ibarra said. “This year, however, it wasn’t limited to Bellaire High School students and you can send it to family and other friends”.