Tickets on sale now for Hispanic Heritage Celebration


Photo provided by Sophia Perez

Tickets are now on sale. Purchase tickets from any Latin Revolution member or from Esther Galo in Room 2719.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the League of United Latin American Citizens and the Latin Revolution Club will host a Hispanic Heritage Celebration on Oct. 18 in the auditorium from 6-8 p.m. Latin Revolution members will sell tickets starting Monday Oct. 4.

“People should come to the event because it’s an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture,” junior Sophia Perez said. “As a Hispanic, I feel like I still know very little about my culture. This is a chance to learn about the dances, the food, history, and the language.”

Last year, LULAC hosted a virtual game of lotería, a classic Mexican card game, to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month.

“I was happy and surprised with the turnout we had last year,” junior Alison Reyes said. “But I’m glad we’re back in-person to host a fun event with food and dances.”

LULAC and Latin Revolution meet weekly to plan and practice for the event. Members have been planning since the beginning of school through a long process.

“As a part of LULAC and the Spanish club, we come up with ideas on how to get students’ attention and how to get more participants,” Perez said. “Once we have that figured out we spread out tasks, like who is going to do the announcements, who’s going to get together with other clubs, who’s going to buy supplies, etc. Once tasks are assigned we talk about progress, how many people have we invited, have we done what we have to do, was everything we wanted approved and if it wasn’t what are other options.”

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates and recognizes the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans throughout time. It begins Sept. 15 and runs through Oct.15.

“My favorite thing about Hispanic Heritage Month is seeing the Spanish community come together and think of ways to show off their culture and to show how proud they are of being Hispanic,” Perez said. “I also love seeing different cultures being interested in learning about Hispanics.”