[BRIEF] Belles host breakfast in honor of teachers, staff


The Belles Dance Team celebrated teacher/staff appreciation with a breakfast last Friday. Belles prepared a week in advance by writing thank you cards, buying breakfast and making burritos.

Belles arrived at school at 6:30 a.m. to set up the table of treats and get ready to greet the staff with positivity and poms.


“Once I got to the school I had a lot of fun with my friends,” junior and Belles secretary Samantha Wexler said. “I would love to host another breakfast for the teachers because they do so much for us and they deserve something in return.”

“The event was a great success. I thought it was a great bonding experience for the team,” sophomore Valerie Perez said. “I loved seeing the teachers’ reactions and giving breakfasts to my favorite teachers. One challenge was waking up early but in the end it was definitely worth it.”

“I think the event was successful. It was kind of hard getting people to sign up to make the burritos after 4 hours of dance practice but we got a few Belles to come and help,” junior and Booster Club Event Coordinator Maysa Busaidy said. “With their help we were able to make 240 burritos and make bags with other goodies in it too.”


“Zoa’s Moroccan Kitchen is a restaurant that recently opened up in the Bellaire area. They sell Moroccan food, desserts and drinks,” Busaidy said. “I work there but I’ve also gotten to just eat and the food is amazing. Zoa’s decided to sponsor and donate the coffees and they also brought menus and treats for people to look at and promote their business because they just started up in September.”

“As a social officer for Belles, I got to help plan the event,” Wexler said. “Once at the event I helped take attendance of all the girls there and invited teachers in.”

“Most of the time I passed out breakfast but I also greeted teachers with poms as they walked in,” Perez said. “I also helped make breakfast burritos the night before.”


“My thoughts are not about the breakfast, although I got a great banana that’s going to be a part of my lunch. It’s about seeing all these happy, smiling faces greeting us in the morning, which sort of brightens up our day and starts it off in a really happy kind of place,” AP statistics and precalculus teacher Kay Kubena said. “It gives me a really good positive feeling as I approach the day seeing everyone so pepped up and cheering for the teachers. That’s the biggest thing for me.”