[NEWS BRIEF] Feminist Club hosts de-stressing event to combat stressful exam season

Senior and President of Feminist Club Phoebe Hulen writes a letter as a way to destress. She also chose a matching undershirt to promote the club T-shirts that were $15.

On Friday, April 29, Feminist Club sold shirts, made bracelets, wrote letters and read feminist books to encourage students to unwind from the stress of exam season.

Sophomore Meenal Jammi said the club meeting was a much-needed break.

“It’s been stressful with APs so I’m glad that there was this de-stressing event,” Jammi said. “I loved the music and seeing all my friends.”

Freshman Layla McAdams said she liked the laid-back pace of the club meeting and cherished the downtime.

“Bracelet making helps build the community at Bellaire because it is like building a literal bond that you can wear,” McAdams said.

Although the club was full of activities, senior Andrew Bohman said he wished there was a discussion component to the meeting.

“I had hoped for some speeches so I could also give my opinion, ” Bohmann said. “I looked forward to some free thought and maybe some discussions with students on their opinions on feminism.”

Bohmann said he will attend the next meeting to learn more about feminism.

“I came to this meeting to hear different struggles that women had to endure,” Bohmann said. “I wanted to ask questions and learn, but I enjoyed the activities too.”

Sophomore Gavin Bey said he appreciates the mission of the club and believes that everyone should be more open to egalitarian ideas.

“My definition of feminism is getting women to an equal platform as men,” Bey said. “I think that’s something that should have already happened by now. People that aren’t feminists should just try talking to more women and recognize that we are all equal. They need to realize that there is nothing different between men and women.”