[NEWS BRIEF] Red Bird Production puts on final black box show: ‘Winter Break’

Freshman Daphne Kaufman played Corey, a character getting broken up with. Junior Cali Thomas played Andy, the heartbreaker of the scene and she used her leatherman jacket as the prop.

On Friday, April 29, Red Bird Production put on their last performance of “Winter Break” by Joe Calarco. Winter Break was a full-length black box show performed by the intermediate production class to a limited audience of 65 people.

Sophomore Jermaine Hayden who plays AJ in the play said he often isolated himself from the rest of the crew before showtime to get into character.

“I definitely relate to how AJ reacts to his surroundings and the different ways that he interprets his emotions because sometimes you can’t really decide if he wants to let Ricky in or not,” Hayden said. “Playing in front of an audience was different than practicing because you definitely get a different energy in some lines. You want to say stuff differently because when you’re saying to yourself, you can’t get that live feedback.”

The intermediate production class practiced every day during sixth period and held after-school rehearsals about a week before the show.

“It was so much fun, especially with this cast,” Hayden said. “We’ve been working so hard on the show, so I’m so glad that it’s finally out for everyone to see.”

Sophomore Lucy Vestal was injured before the performance but continued her role in the play.

“I think it just made it hard moving around, like walking wise because I had to be careful that my patches weren’t in the way,” Vestal said. “I think it was pretty good though because I just got to stand.”

Vestal says her favorite part of the play was her role because she could feel the emotion and enjoyed her character’s personality.

“I think my team members and I did really well,” Vestal said. “I think the second to last scene was my favorite because it was really emotional. I also liked the script so that made it easier. ”

This was the first time Travis Fereday, Isabella Fereday’s father, has seen the play.

“I really like it, everyone did an awesome job,” Fereday said. “This is the first time I’ve seen Isabella perform this play, so it was really fun.”

Freshman Natalia Nguyen from Carnegie Vanguard High School attended the play to support her friends and said she enjoyed the performance.

“I think the Red Bird Production crew did a great job, especially those working on the lighting because they were able to emphasize the cast members who were performing,” Nguyen said. “I really enjoyed the show and would love to watch future productions.”