[NEWS BRIEF] The season begins

Starting running back, number 16, junior Tyler Adams sits out during the 4th quarter. After carrying the ball over 20 times, Adams injured his ankle but will be ready to play next game.

The football team lost 41-0 in their season opener against Alvin ISD’s Elkins High School last Saturday.

Starting running back junior Tyler Adams believes that despite the crushing loss, this season will be game-changing. Adams injured his ankle in the middle of the 4th quarter after carrying the ball over 20 times.

“Tonight was just a bad game, there are several bright spots that we can look to keep up throughout the season,” Adams said. “It’s a tough injury, but I’ll be okay for next week.”

Freshman varsity Belles Aylin Ozus won Dancer of the Week at her first football game. 

“Even though Bellaire lost, I know they still tried their best and I enjoyed watching them play,” Ozus said. “Leading up to the half-time performance was challenging with all the expectations, but when I was awarded Dancer of the Week, I felt like the hard work paid off.”

Even when the football team was down 17 points by halftime, flute section leader and band president senior Nina Wallach said the band always has fun in the stands cheering on Bellaire. The band’s halftime performance highlighted Wallach’s flute solo. 

“It felt great to be back in the stands with everyone and I love the energy of the band when we are playing pep tunes,” Wallach said. “Part of marching band is memorizing all the music, and that can be difficult especially for the solo because I can’t rely on any other flute players to remind me of the part. However, I would encourage anyone who plays an instrument to join band and if you like to dance, you can also join the color guard.”

Bellaire will play Goose Creek Memorial High School this Friday at 7 p.m. at Stallworth Stadium.