[NEWS BRIEF] Rainy Game

The football players stand in formation, preparing for the kickoff. The Bellaire Cardinals play the Goose Creek Memorial Patriots.

The varsity football team lost 51-7 in their game against Goose Creek Memorial High School. The football players, cheerleaders, Belles and audience members commuted almost one hour to Stallworth Stadium in Baytown last Friday, Sept. 2. The team played through the light rain while the supporters cheered.

For some of the Belles, this would be their first rainy game. The Belles performed “The Horse,” a kick routine, during halftime after the drizzle stopped. 

“My first game in the rain was weird because I normally like rain but it was kind of inconvenient. The rain jackets were nice though,” junior and varsity Belle Sophie Colburn said. “The wet field was a little scary since we were kicking, but the field did help with doing the split.”

Freshman and JV Belle Catherine Xue said she had a lot of fun at her first ever football game even though it was raining. 

“I’ve never been to a football game before so this was a totally new experience, and the rain wasn’t that bad unless you were looking directly up at it,” Xue said. “The bus ride to Baytown was pretty long and I would have fallen asleep if it weren’t for my friends.”

Cheerleaders like senior captain Madison Motes cheered through the rain without rain jackets.

“This wasn’t my first game cheering in the rain, our homecoming game freshman year was crazy rainy and super slippery,” Motes said. “Cheering in the rain was super fun this time because it was just a light drizzle. The ride was so long but perfect for a pre-game power nap.”

Even though this weeks’ weather canceled four out of five of the band’s outdoor practices, senior and trumpet section leader Noah Cook said he still felt great at the game. 

“This was my first game in the rain and it was a fresh and beautiful experience. The breeze from the stormfront was divine,” Cook said. “The rain at the game posed no challenges because we reigned supreme, but I was not a fan of throwing my sleep schedule out the window for the long drive.”

Bellaire will play Alief Elsik High School next Friday at 7 p.m. at Butler Stadium.