Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest reigning monarch, died last Thursday at age 96. She passed peacefully at her Scottish estate after seven decades on the throne, according to BBC News. 

“She was on the throne for like, 70 years,” freshman Emma Manne said. “And even though it was expected to happen soon, it’s still unexpected when it happened.” 

Senior Ellory Dickerson said she was “shocked” to hear the news. 

“I don’t know if I was surprised, but definitely shocked,” Dickerson said. “It’s like a random Thursday. I kind of thought it’d be like, a better day, you know, a little more dramatic.”

Having grown up in the United Kingdom, freshman Jay Krane offered a unique perspective. 

“It’s a big hit to the country,” Krane said. “It’s like an end of an era because she’s been around for so long.” 

Senior Erin Pilcher of English, Scottish, and Irish descent said she and her family are processing the news. 

“My dad didn’t really believe it was true,” Pilcher said. “He’s like, ‘There’s no way. They’re just going through it, but they’re mainly just making sure my grandparents are okay.” 

Pilcher’s grandparents still reside in England, which gives her insight as to how their community is handling their grief. 

“They have a lot of rituals in England, like a lot of schools are taking time off,” Pilcher said. “The prime minister is giving a lot of speeches, pretty much the country’s in a lull for a few days, out of respect.”

While the world mourns her loss, people are posting photos, videos and kind messages on a variety of social media platforms. The queen’s death has also brought about a surge of internet ‘memes’ that are being dispersed and shared at hyperspeeds. 

 Junior Allie Maglaras has stumbled across several of these memes. 

“There’s been a lot of memes,” Maglaras said. “There’s one of her going to the ‘Good Place’ and others with Princess Diana and stuff like that. They’re so funny, but I definitely think some of them are insensitive.”