[NEWS BRIEF] Robotics Club gears up for new season

Robotics Club President and senior Evan Kim and Engineering Officer and sophomore Andy Shen explain the different subteams to new members.

After a prolonged competition absence, the Robotics Club introduced the March 1 Robotics Competition  to new members and organized them into subteams during its Sept. 14 meeting in Room 1617. 

The subteams – Coding, Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Finance and Marketing – are smaller divisions within the club responsible for specific parts during the robot building process. 

Manufacturing team member Samuel Deng said his team will put the  robot together after another team creates the design.

“I’m most looking forward to helping the team to succeed this year at nationals and building a robot together,” Deng said. “I like building stuff and working with my hands so I think manufacturing is perfect for me because it allows me to use different equipment to make the robot.” 

Deng said robotics is a great opportunity for him to learn more about the STEM field and is excited to compete in the FRC competition.  

According to junior Jermy Scarpetta, there is no need for prior experience as the subteams will teach incoming members the skills needed for building the robots.

“What I’m looking forward to is teaching our new members how to design [robot’s part] on their own through designing a robot for competitions,” Scarpetta said. “I want them to have a lifelong skill that they can use outside of school.”

Sophomore Dylan Wang joined the CAD subteam and the Coding subteam to learn  about the STEM field and allow him to put his book experience to real life use.

“The knowledge you learn [at school] is not something that you can physically touch and move around, but because it’s a robot and you have so many moving parts, it’s something that you can be proud of, that you contribute to [building],” Wang said.

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