Cabaret nights

Senior Sophia Perez sings Cold in California by Ashe. Perez joined choir her freshman year.

The choir serenaded the crowd while they enjoyed their candle light night dinner on Nov. 5 at Willow Meadows Baptist Church at the choir Cabaret Nights. Choir director Amy Solberg introduced cabarets to Bellaire Choir 17 years ago and has continued them ever since.

“I wanted to incorporate cabarets into Bellaire Choir to give students a chance to perform their favorite popular music for an audience,” Solberg said. “I’m proud of my students willingly giving up their time two nights in a row for the good of entertaining people with music.”

Solberg began planning for the cabaret during the summer with the help of the church, parents, students, caterers and other sponsors.

“The most difficult part was figuring out the logistics of getting the food ready, selling tickets online, organizing backstage media, hiring sound people and working with caterers,” Solberg said. “We had supplies donated and reused decorations from previous years.”

Freshmen Emmerie Napier and Carlos Mata sang “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar. Napier received vocal lessons from Choir’s voice teacher Eduardo Tercero to sing the high notes of the song.

“I was a little nervous, but I was having fun performing with my friend,” Napier said. “If you mess up, it psychs you out because every time you go on stage, you’re going to remember that one time you messed up.”

The choir members served a three-course meal from Charlie’s Barbeque throughout the show. Senior Andrew Macias was nervous to serve food since he’s not experienced with waiting tables.

“It was scary because I thought I was going to drop the plates on the guests,” Macias said. “But overall I think the cabaret was a success, and I grew closer to my peers through the event.”

Macias joined choir in fourth grade and has been working hard to perfect his baritone skills. Macias said he enjoyed all four years of choir at Bellaire and has grown as a singer through his directors.

“I used to rely on the upperclassmen during performances because I was afraid to mess up, but now I project my voice so people can hear me,” Macias said. “I know I’m approaching my last choir performance, but I know I will make the most out of it.”

Currently, the choir is working on the winter show in December. They will be performing “This Christmastide” by Jessye Norman with past alumni on stage.