Students express thoughts on final exam dates


Raina Blesi

An infographic depicting the final exam schedule for the fall semester of 2022-2023.

Weighed down by the stress of finals, students are eager to begin their winter break.

For senior Emma Lai, having winter break after finals is challenging.

“Usually, we have the whole break to study for finals,” Lai said. “This year it feels like we have less time to prepare because finals are now before break.”

Because of the shift in schedule, students struggle to find time to study while catching up with assigned classwork and homework.

“It’s a little difficult to manage now,” Lai said. “On top of catching up with classes normally, I have to review everything from the whole semester at the same time.”

Despite this change, Lai doesn’t have a preference.

“At the same time, I know a lot of people prefer having finals before break,” Lai said. “You can forget a lot after two weeks. I think both schedules have their pros and cons, so I don’t mind the change too much.”

Similarly, senior Marie Lamoth doesn’t consider the change to be drastic.

“Whether finals are before break or after, I’ll still have to manage schoolwork on top of finals,” Lamoth said. “Either way it’s a stressful time period.”

Students like Lai and Lamoth prepare a rigorous study routine.

“Studying for finals means sleeping really late and waking up really early,” Lamoth said. “I’m usually tired by the end of the school day, so my studying time starts in the evening. I try balancing it out by waking up early too.”

One method Lai uses is studying with friends.

“I usually go over any review material we’ve been given first, then notes and tests,” Lai said. “Sometimes I’ll study with friends; we can teach each other, and it’s a little less miserable.”

The same occurs with sophomore Genesis Elder.

“I enjoy studying if it’s with my friends,” Elder said. “It makes studying more tolerable and I can actually get through a decent study session without getting too distracted.”

Elder feels ready to end the semester.

“I like finals before Christmas break because everything is still fresh on my mind,” Elder said. “We also have review days the week leading up to finals so I think that’s better.”

Lamothe says that the break provides a fresh start.

“Senioritis is definitely already hitting me,” Lamothe said. “I’m looking forward to enjoying my two-week break so that I have time to mentally prepare myself for my last semester.”

Lai hopes to excel on all of her exams.

“I’m most nervous about AP music theory, government and Japanese,” Lai said. “We’ve gone over a lot of material this past semester, so I’m just hoping I can remember everything for the test.”

Although finals week is a stressful time period for students, Elder is ready to be rewarded with the winter break.

“My biology exam scares me the most,” Elder said. “I’m just ready to get it over with and have a break where I can forget about school and enjoy the upcoming holidays.”