[NEWS BRIEF] Sounds of faith


Sophia Zhao

Juanita Camarillo raises her hands as she sings “Graves Into Gardens” by Brandon Lake and Elevation Worship. She is FCA’s sponsor.

Haset Mekuria and Sophia Zhao

Songs of worship could be heard throughout Ralphy’s Room as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) gathered for its weekly meeting on Jan. 26.

The meeting was dedicated to a time of spirituality and devotion, which included intermissions of prayer. Hands lifted high into the air as club members sang, “Another One in the Fire,” “Promises” and “Graves into Garden.” Student athletes, seniors and underclassmen filled the room as FCA led their worship.

“There are different groups, like the community amongst the officers is really strong,” Juanita Camarillo, the club sponsor, said. “Then there are people who come on Tuesday mornings [for devotions], and there are people who come here every Friday consistently, like the seniors and my freshman in the back.”

Club members prepare in advance for these intimate worship meetings.

“We practice [playing guitar] for a half hour, the week before and the day of worship,” sophomore Alex Lin said. “I think just playing the music and dwelling on the lyrics helped me feel connected spiritually during worship. I feel like I gained a greater fellowship with the people around me.”

Alex Lin is joined by two other club members to lead FCA in worship. The club began by singing “Another In The Fire.” (Haset Mekuria)

To sophomore Amelie Rozowksi, Lin’s practice has paid off.

“The worship was very enlightening and connected me to God,” Rozowski said. “I went to the FCA meeting because my friends were going, and it seemed fun. The community is very welcoming and encourages me to connect with Jesus.”

Not only does worship give club members a sense of faith, it also strengthens the bonds formed in FCA.

“I gain a sense of community and togetherness from FCA meetings,” sophomore Kate Steinbach, an avid Friday worship attendee, said. “It’s also a nice routine to have every Friday as a way to just keep Jesus in my life. I feel like most of my friends at Bellaire are from FCA, and I feel like it is a really positive and uplifting community.”

Camarillo holds a similar sentiment.

“I would like to get to love people who are obviously needing that love and attention,” Camarillo said. “So I feel that it both helps us stretch our Jesus muscles and shows people that yes, this is a place you’re welcome in, no matter what you bring to the table.”

To keep up with its Friday meetings during lunch or Tuesday devotionals before school, follow FCA on Instagram @fcabellaire.