Cardinal Kickoff

A night for prospective students

Sophomore Luke Wang introduces the Business Professions of America (BPA) club to a prospective student. Wang is the vice president of marketing for BPA.

About 550 students and parents attended the 10th anniversary of the annual Cardinal Kickoff on the evening of Feb. 22.

The event showcased how incoming freshmen can be a part of Bellaire through 108 organizations such as clubs, sports and fine arts. Dean of Instruction Debra Campbell said that one of the goals for Cardinal Kickoff is to ease the transition of an eighth grader going into highschool by finding a place to fit in.

“It’s one of my favorite nights of the year because it’s where you can see everything Bellaire has to offer at one time, ” Campbell said. “It’s special not only for the families visiting us to see what Bellaire is like, but it’s also good for our internal community because there’s a source of pride being able to see everything that we offer.”

Cardinal Kickoff was promoted through middle school administrators and social media. Eighth grader Kamea Ta heard about the event through her sister, junior Katelyn Ta.

“It’s a very fun and busy environment, and it provided a chance for me to see students who will attend next year, ” Ta said. “I was thinking of joining aquatic science because I love animals.”

Senior Nasir Starks said he was overwhelmed with nostalgia during Cardinal Kickoff. He attended Cardinal Kickoff in 2019 when he was in eighth grade and currently takes on leadership positions in the Madrigal Choir and the Acapella Club.

“I remember seeing all my friends singing the national anthem on stage at Bellaire when I was in middle school,” Starks said. “The choir program was one of the biggest reasons I came to Bellaire, so I was glad I was able to do the same thing four years later.”

Families that missed Cardinal Kickoff can view all the clubs available at Bellaire through our website under clubs and activities. Prospective students may also join the Remind code (@cards27) for the class of 2027, gain access to scheduling, graduation plans and contact information.