AP Chinese students face massive glitch in exam

Emma Xiao, Copy Editor

Students set to take the AP Chinese exam last Tuesday at 8 a.m. faced a massive glitch in the test system.

As students began logging into the AP test, a variety of issues occurred. Some students completed only a couple listening questions when the screen froze. After logging out and signing back in, the application claimed that the sign-in information was already used. 

Junior Ariana Izaddoost was one of the two AP Chinese students who was able to finish her exam. As a non-native speaker, she was nervous before the exam. However, she said the commotion of students unable to log in “calmed [her] nerves a little bit.”

“If I’m one of the only two people taking this test today, it doesn’t really matter,” Izaddoost said. “Why stress about this? It’s not the worst thing if I don’t do well.”

AP coordinator Quan Ngo was the moderator for the AP Chinese exam, and he said he was “not happy” about the reschedule. The make-up AP Chinese exam will take place May 18 at 8 a.m.

The system error was not confined to Bellaire. That same day, Twitter was flooded with tweets asking about the technological mishap. 

One Twitter user, @ProfLauraHuang, tweeted “@CollegeBoard servers crashed this morning during the AP Chinese exam. Kids across the country were in the middle of the exam, and there was zero communication.”

CollegeBoard has not yet publicly responded to the nationwide AP Chinese exam crash.