Students celebrate Mr. Bellaire victory


Last night, one of the most anticipated events of the year took place in the auditorium. The annual fundraiser pageant Mr. Bellaire always brings in a full house. 

The night started off with the introduction of the contestants and their supporting women in coordinating costumes. From Soheil and Giulia’s lovely Aladdin and Princess Jasmine costume, to Nathan and Ashley’s legendary Sharkboy and Lavagirl costume, the costumes were creative and charming. 

Next was the beachwear category, but don’t worry, the contestants took the advice “Modest is Hottest” while picking their outfits. After they strut their stuff, all the participants joined together in a dance choreographed by Leigh Vo. 

Then it was time for the moment of truth: the talents. Noor’s hilarious stand up set was a crowd pleaser, as well as Preston’s impressive dance routine. Nathan and Ashley whipped out an interesting talent and danced with dummies dressed in hoodies and wigs by controlling them with a contraption attached to their bodies. Many contestants had prepared musical talents, but unfortunately there were a few technical difficulties, so those talents were cut short.  Despite this, Gene’s cover of Piano Man and Michael’s rendition of Take Me Home Country Roads persisted. 

Finally, the pairs sparkled in their formalwear as the top five contestants- Gene, Lloyd, Preston, Nathan, and Dany- answered the questions. We learned Gene’s hero is his amazing mom, Lloyd was tight with his middle school dance teacher, Preston’s dream of skydiving was crushed by his not being 18, Nathan doesn’t like the cafeteria food, and Dany’s ideal superpower is invisibility because in fact, when you are invisible, people can’t see you. All powerful and moving, but most powerful of all was when the MC announced Mr. Bellaire 2020; Gene Gopon!

“It was a very surprising, very fun experience. I never thought it would be me. All the guys and girls put in so much effort and I’m very grateful I could be a part of it.” Gopon said.