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[EDITORIAL] Our many colors

The importance of cultural events
Helen Beebe
A clown doesn’t go to BISA best. Another student makes fun of him.

Why is going to school important?

Obviously to get an education for a future job, right? After all, schools are synonymous with textbooks, homework and general academics. However, an often overlooked yet equally important aspect of school is cultural education.

Cultural events are instrumental in shaping Bellaire’s identity.

The League of United Latin American Citizens, Spanish and Latin Revolution Club organized a Hispanic Heritage celebration on Oct. 23 with traditional dances and designs showcasing nine Spanish-speaking countries and four Spanish-speaking regions – including Central America, South America, Mexico and Spain. But this event was not just a performance. It was a journey into diverse cultures, an immersive experience that exposed students to traditions beyond their own.

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But Bellaire’s cultural events aren’t just limited to one region of the world. During the fall, the South Asian Student Association lights up Bellaire with a Diwali celebration.

Of course, culture wouldn’t be culture without food. The Vietnamese Student Association hosts luncheons selling traditional dishes, bringing the vibrant flavors of Vietnam to Bellaire.

When spring arrives, the Chinese Club shines a spotlight on the moon through captivating Lunar New Year performances. Additionally, the Bellaire International Student Association orchestrates a cultural extravaganza, a display that weaves together countless cultures into an unforgettable show.

Events like these show that cultural education is more than just learning from a slideshow. It’s about fostering an appreciation for the diverse ways people around the world live, celebrate and express themselves. When you see a dance you like, a food you enjoy or a song you find captivating, you welcome its culture.

The joy of celebration, the satisfaction of a delicious meal, the rhythm that moves us all.

These universal elements bring us together and remind us that despite our differences, we’re all human.

Cultural events cultivate an atmosphere of tolerance and respect where students are given the opportunity to step into the shoes of others and see from their eyes. These forms of education are bridges to understanding, tolerance and empathy. These qualities are vital for students to develop genuine interpersonal relationships.

The importance of cultural experiences extends beyond the school gates. The ability to work harmoniously with individuals from diverse backgrounds and to understand and respect different perspectives is not just the quality of a good student.

It’s also the quality of a good person.

The Spanish dance you practiced freshman year or the Hindi song you learned for BISA Fest might appear as fleeting moments in your school journey. However, the soft skills you cultivated through these cultural events will remain with you.

So join these cultural events. Be a proactive member of the Bellaire community. Help foster a campus that thrives on diversity.

Your presence matters.

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