BISA Festival 2016


On Monday, February 22, 2016, BISA held a meeting during lunch to let cultural clubs know about upcoming BISA Fest preparations.
Bellaire International Student Association (BISA) holds a production annually to allow students to become acquainted with different cultures by surrounding them with various cultural activities. During the festival, cultural clubs will perform in the auditorium and afterwards, the audience will be invited to the cafeteria where a lot of the clubs are going to be vending various types of food from their cultures.
Junior Felicia Dang, Vice President of the Vietnamese Student Association, has already been preparing for this production for three weeks. She is looking forward to the outcome of the production.
“We’ve been practicing for our performance,” Dang said. “It will be a traditional Vietnamese dance and we will use traditional Vietnamese uniforms for both girls and guys. We will also be vending Vietnamese sandwiches and eggrolls.”
Senior Jessie Chen, President of Chinese Honor Society, has been discussing with her club to decide how they are going to display their cultures during the BISA fest.
“We’ve planned out the food we are going to have, who the performers will be and what kind of dance we will be performing,” Chen said. “It will be a mix of a traditional Chinese dance along with something else. For food, we are going to prepare fried noodles and potstickers which are pan fried dumplings.”
Joseph Pineda, President of Latin Revolution, is ecstatic about BISA fest. His club has been preparing since the beginning of the year.
“We are going to be performing dances including a combination of modern dances like the Bachata, Merengue, and the Salsa to traditional dances like Folklorico and Aztecs,” Pineda said. “We’ve been looking at old videos of past performances to learn the dances and hopefully make them better.”
Pineda is confident that his club will be outstanding during the performance.
“We’ve participated in the past,” Pineda said. “A lot of the seniors are helping the freshman prepare for BISA, and they’ve been telling them what to expect. We’re hoping to put on an exciting and cultural show. We hope to demonstrate all the different colors and genres of music and the traditional values of a Hispanic lifestyle.”
BISA fest is a great way to learn new traditions and cultures. Hopefully you will be able to attend!