Football: A Cardinal Rundown On What Happened

The Bellaire Cardinals varsity football team played their last playoff game on Nov. 15 against the Cy-Fair Bobcats at Pridgeon Stadium. It was a disappointing night for the Cardinals as they fell to the Bobcats, 65-20. This concluded their otherwise successful 2019 campaign.

For the eighth time since 2011, the Cardinals advanced to the playoffs with a district record of 5-1 and overall of 6-4. 

The team has been with each other through the highs and lows, like family. 

“We all came together as a team, as a brotherhood, a unit, so we all hit together,” senior offensive lineman Caleb Sykes said. “We know that if somebody messes up, we all mess up. We all live together.” 

On Nov. 1, they sacked the Heights Bulldogs, 49-25. This game was important because it handed them a ticket to the playoffs. It was a special night for Bellaire.

“I had a good feeling that we were gonna go to playoffs cause we’re on a winning record,” senior linebacker Eric Jaime said. “Our hard work and determination is the reason why we’re here at the playoffs.” 

One game later against the Bobcats, their season may have ended, but not the team’s spirit. Although they were grounded by the Bobcats, the Cardinals showed promise in the first half. Cy-Fair scored first, but then the Cardinals struck back with a 45-yard TD scamper by quarterback Darius Reed. In the second quarter, Cy-Fair was up 23-7 but that quickly changed after Timothy Martin returned a punt for 87 yards return, setting up a Cardinal two-yard keeper for a score. When the second half started at 23-14, the Bobcats would strike again and never look back. 

Safety and kicker junior Elijah Costa said that after a series of Cardinals mishaps and turnovers, it “went downhill from there.” 

“We had a really bad third quarter,” Costa said. “I was sad that it was over. I was sad that we lost, but I thought we had a pretty good season and I just wanted to cherish the moment with my teammates and coaches.”