[NEWS BRIEF] Battle of lyrics

Women’s soccer holds annual lip-sync battle

Group picture of Bellaire Women Soccer Team after the lip-sync battle. The battle was a success as everyone was having fun.

Following its 10-year tradition, the Bellaire Women’s Soccer Team kickstarted its annual lip-sync battle at soccer member Erin Pilcher’s home on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 3:30 p.m.

With 37 members and five different performances, the lip-sync battle was filled with cheers as members showcased their practiced songs for the battle. 

First-year member and freshman Lela Izaddoost performed a mashup of “Red” by Taylor Swift and “Back in Black” by AC/DC along with her team and said it was nerve-wracking for her in the beginning.

“We [were only able to] practice whenever we were given the class time so I was nervous when I started,” Izaddost said. “But [the battle] was fun, and we laughed after we finished.”

This was also an opportunity for Izadoost to get to know other members of the team, as they worked together for the planning.

“It’s like a team-building event where you get to know your group and to know each other,” Izaddoost said. “You have to talk with one another and communicate to get the planning done.” 

Third-year member and junior Grace Cruz said she was anxious about the performance and wanted it to go as smoothly as possible. 

“Before the performance, I was thinking about whether this [dance] was good or if I would forget my choreography at the last minute,” Cruz said. “But during the performance, I was just having a really good time with my friends. I was smiling the whole time and couldn’t stop.”

Second-year member and sophomore Enna Lopez performed a mashup of “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “Beauty and A Beat” by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj and said that this battle helped her to be more open and have fun. 

“The point of the battle is for everyone to be more open and express themselves,” Lopez said. “Last year, I was nervous, but for this year I thought I might as well go all out because I know everyone in the team and it gets us more excited. ”

During the preparation, Lopez said there were challenges in choosing the song and choreography.

“I had to change costumes and wear press-on nails for my Nicki Minaj role as part of the performance,” Lopez said. “It was all a lot of work to get it all done, but I felt that my dance went absolutely great.”