New Coach Leads Football Team to Success


As new head coach of the football team, Herb Kunz looked to lead his football team to the playoffs.

Kunz talked about his new position as a head coach and what new responsibilities he has from going to a defensive coordinator to a head coach.

“I think the biggest difference between being a head coach and being a coordinator or position coach is as a head coach you have more administrative details that you have to take care of,” Kunz said. “There are more organizational details that have to be taken care of which is not any different from a coordinator but, it is more the kinds of details that are different. As a defensive coordinator you organize practices you set practice schedules, you have to set duty rosters you do all the things that you need to do. A defensive coach does the same things as a head coach but now I’m doing it from an overall perspective as opposed to just a defensive side or an offensive side.”

As the head coach, Kunz had to manage the team from an overall perspective rather than from a specific angle like the defensive coordinator. Kunz spoke about his favorite part of his new position as head coach.

“The favorite part is the interaction with the kids,” Kunz said “Coaching is all about being around the athletes and it’s about the relationship that you have with them and, what this job allows me to do is get to know the kids on a more personal basis then a coordinator.”

The interaction with the kids is what Kunz receives most gratification from. Working with the kids personally and then seeing them succeed under his leadership is what Kunz found to be a feeling that Kunz loves the most.

Finally Kunz discussed his plans for the new season and if he made any major changes to the current program.

“We aren’t looking for significant change,” Kunz said.  “This program has had a history of success and as soon as I took over our primary goal was to find a way to win week 12. We haven’t been in the playoffs for the last 5 years and haven’t managed to win a playoff game.”

Kunz expressed his faith in the current program due to the fact that it had produced great results in the past such as winning a number playoff games in 1999.

Kunz had a strong belief in his team, his assistant coaches and his program. With persistent practice Kunz believed that the team could capture the long sought after goal of making playoffs and hopefully winning playoffs in its entirety.