3 pun pick-up lines 2 find your 1 true love this Valentine’s Day

I hope the pun pickup lines helped during homecoming season. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner on Feb. 14, here are three more pickup lines that aren’t CUPID. They might just help you SHOOT your shot with Cupid’s arrow.

The Gift of Flowers:
If you are looking for a simple gift to give, flowers are always a nice choice unless that special someone is allergic to pollen. Although live flowers don’t last as long, why not attach a pickup line to it so that it can be more memorable and last forever.

I just wanted to let you know that I SEED you as more than friends. Let’s not stay BUDs. Everytime I see your BOUQUET-iful face, I get a little DAISY. This may sound LILLY, but you are the PEONY one for me. LOTUS get together and have our relationship FLOR-ish. My heart rate ROSE as you walked by. I LAVENDER the way you make my day BLOSSOM with just a smile. IRIS it all for you and would do it again for TULIPS on mine.

Life is Like Box of Chocolates:
Simply saying “Life is like a box of chocolates” is quite cheesy, or chocolatey. A pickup line about a classic treat is a SWEET way to make someone’s day.

A classic line would be asking you if you would like a KISS, but I just have so many REESE-ons why I like you. I am not playing TWIX, and I won’t say overly SWEET lines like “LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES.” I love you more than all the stars in the MILKY WAY. You always make my heart MELT and bring me lots of ALMOND JOY. I have BUTTERFINGERS, but I won’t let this opportunity slip away. I like you a CHOCO-LOT more than getting 100 GRAND on PAYDAY. You are probably in a CRUNCH, so let me make this short. Let’s become M&Ms: Mr. and Mrs.

You Are as Sweet as Candy:
If that special someone happens to not be a fan of chocolate, why not give them a candy pickup line. It would be a perfect addition to a candy bouquet.

Hey SWEETART, I just wanted to say I’m a SUCKER without you. You make my heart beat unBEARably fast that it might just STARBURST. SWEETIE, without you I’m a SOUR PATCH because you candy WORM my day. I have a JOLLY RANCHER good time when I am with you, and I am JELLY that I have to share. You are not only a POP ROCK, but also a SMARTIE pants. Connect the DOTS because right now my AIRHEAD is like TWIZZLERS. We are MENTOS be together because you are truly the SWEDISH FISH in the sea.

I hope you are able to score a date this Valentine’s Day. Just remember to keep it fun and maybe it will be your V-day (victory).