Top 5 Halloween movies


Sophia Zhao

To truly get into the Halloween spirit, take a deep dive into the top 5 movies featuring monsters, walking corpses, strange families, and hidden doors. Depicted above is an illustration of seven characters from the movies: “Coraline,” “Hotel Transylvania,” “The Corpse Bride,” “Goosebumps,” and “The Addams Family.”

1. Goosebumps

If you’re looking for something with a dark plot, but funny characters, “Goosebumps”, based on the book series by R.L. Stine, is just the movie for you to watch this Halloween. Creepy monsters will provide the viewers with a hair-raising sensation, while also offering a good laugh for the whole family. The mysterious plot engages the audience — of any age — by setting the stage for unexpected twists and turns. From the very beginning, Zach Cooper, played by Dylan Minnette, finds something off about his new neighbors, Hannah, played by Odeya Rush, and her father, R.L. Stine, played by Jack Black. After accidentally opening a portal that allows dangerous monsters to enter the human world, the trio must work together to stop their destruction. They do so in a comedic and exciting way that never fails to entertain.

2. Corpse Bride

Filled with dreary but beautiful animation and a melancholy love plot, Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” is a whimsical movie with a morbid twist. Perfect to cozy up in bed and watch on Halloween, you will be entertained by eccentric but easy-to-love characters. Victor Van Dort, voiced by Johnny Depp, is about to marry Victoria Everglot, voiced by Emily Watson, when he forgets his vows. Practicing his vows in the forest, he runs into Emily, voiced by Helena Bonham Carter, who is a murdered bride claiming she is his bride. Victor now must choose which bride to commit to through a series of adventures and heartbreak. This beloved film will make you stay up all night and get you into the Halloween spirit, so light your candles, jump into bed, and press play!

3. Coraline

Suspenseful, disturbing, and captivating, “Coraline” is not a movie for the weak. If you are ready for jumpscares, buttons, and a mesmerizing combination of 3d animation, this is just for you. Settled into a small town of weird characters, the new resident Coraline Jones, voiced by Dakota Fanning, misses her old home and wants to experience more than what this town has to offer. Her parents are boring and everything is dull to her. That is until she accidentally discovers a tiny hidden door, and nothing will be the same again. On the other side lies an alternate world where it seems like paradise, but it really is just horror waiting to devour her.

4. Hotel Transylvania

“Hotel Transylvania” is a nostalgic, wonderfully animated movie that is a perfect addition to a Halloween movie marathon. While taking a more humorous take on Halloween than other movies, it’s a nice break from the usual jump scares and the constant suspense that fills the room. Its unique and weird characters, including Count Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, and Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez, are sure to appeal to the inner child of the audience. The movie revolves around Count Dracula’s Hotel Transylvania, a safe haven for monsters from the chaotic human world. An unpredictable event comes into play, though you’ll have to watch it to find out exactly what happens. It definitely won’t disappoint!

5. The Addams Family

This unconventional look into a family’s dynamics is consumed by their very morbid and strange rituals. “The Addams Family” characters are interesting to watch throughout the entire movie, with the audience laughing, gasping, and jumping at every scene. My personal favorite character, Wednesday Addams, contributes to the delightfully morbid movie through her deadpan and somber traits. The other characters as well also have their own quirks that make the movie all the more entertaining. The family’s eccentrics and weirdness create a funny but gloomy atmosphere that makes this movie a must-watch on Halloween night.