Pick-up lines to score a passenger princess to prom

Car-rizz-ma for prom


Graphic by McKenzie Le and Rilina Tran

With prom a little less than a week away on May 13, it’s drive time to get yourself a date. Trunks of cars are overflowing with colorful flowers, polaroid pictures, Hello Kitty plushies and in bold letters, “PROM.” What’s better than scoring a sweet date and a sweet ride to prom? Here are some car-related pick-up lines to get a passenger princess for prom.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any brake ups…

NISSAN pick-up lines for those Skyline lovers? Here are a few “that excite” your date.

Want to dance in the SENTRA of the dance floor? Prom?
I want you ALTIMA self so let’s go to prom.
I can Z us together at prom.
There R35 reasons why we should go to prom together.

More of a TOYOTA person? Well, these will definitely “get you places” if you don’t toy around.

I can PRIUS together at prom.
You look like a SUPRA great prom date.
CAMRY go to prom together?
We are the perfect 4RUNNERs for prom king and queen.

Prefer more of a luxury route? Lexus pick-up lines guarantee a “relentless pursuit of perfection” to get that yes to prom.

LEXUS get together at prom.
You R Xeptional. Prom?
There IS 300 reasons why we make the perfect prom date.

If none of these IMRPEZA you, here is a list of a few other cars that hopefully get you that RIDE to prom.

There are a HYUNDAI reasons why we should go to prom together.
I have INFINITI reasons why you should be my prom date.
Mama MIA-TA, I MAZDA fallen for you. Be my prom date?
Please don’t DODGE the question. Prom?
Are you a Honda because you R the perfect prom date.
BMW, I think I M the one 4 you at prom.
You’re not a PAGANI, so HUAYRA playing hard to get for prom?
Do you like Corvettes? Well, can I C you at 8 tonight?
Are you a FORD because I think we MUST-HANG out at prom.
You must like AUDI because you make a g-R8 prom date.

I hope this article was gas and helps you get that date to prom without any exhaust.