[NEWS BRIEF] Journalism organizations inducted into international honor society

Three Penny Press advisor Lillian Harris passes out Quill and Scroll pins and certificates to the inductees. Junior Sara Wolf is among the 17 TPP members being inducted.

Twenty-seven members of the Carillon Yearbook and Three Penny Press were inducted into the Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society during Cardinal Hour on Friday. Each inductee was presented with a pin and certificate to celebrate their membership in the society and senior members received their graduation cords.

Jeff Browne, executive director of Quill and Scroll, joined the ceremony via a Teams call to facilitate the induction and explain the significance of membership.

“Joining Quill and Scroll is a huge honor, and each member is now committed to representing Quill and Scroll’s eight pillars,” Browne said. “Truth, learning, leadership, loyalty, initiative, integrity, judgment, and friendship.”

The inductees also lit candles, a representation of journalism as the “light of truth,” telling the stories of people who cannot speak for themselves.

“Our mission as journalists is to shine the light on corners of our world that don’t see it,” Browne said. “Not necessarily with regards to just bad things, but also to highlight people who are not recognized for the amazing things they do.”

Although the Bellaire chapter of Quill and Scroll has been established since 1956, one of over 40,000 chapters across the world, it has not been an active club. Three Penny Press adviser Lillian Harris said she hopes this will soon change.

“I’m thrilled to help bring Quill and Scroll back to life at Bellaire,” Harris said. “This is going to be a solid, meaningful organization that connects our newspaper and yearbook members as they promote excellence in journalism through community service projects and host special events. I’m hoping we can bring in some guest speakers and even invite other nearby chapters.”