What are YOU looking forward to this school year?

Phillip Goldman and Amy Lin

“This year I’m looking forward to experiencing eMotions as an officer. I’m ecstatic to see the eMotions inductions of the incoming crew from the other side, a different perspective. Last year, as a freshman, myself, it was really embarrassing. I wore a purple cloak and a jester hat and had makeup smeared all over my face. It’d be fun to kind of take revenge of what my older sister did to me then; I will be able to do to my younger sister this year. I’m really excited to work with my partner in designing costumes, finding songs, figuring out stage tech., and teaching the class in general. I’m very eager to see my own choreography on stage during the fall e-Motions show. It is interesting to see people performing my vision of dance, and I’m nervous to see how everything will turn out. Hopefully I will be proud of the outcome.”

-Ruth Ling (10)

Ruth LingAngel Burgos


“I’m looking forward to spring break because I’ll be attending Hawaii with Bellaire Choir and I’m really excited, for I have never travelled outside of Texas before.

We will be performing at Pearl Harbor while we’re there.”

-Mandy Wong (11)

Mandy WongMeghan Larson


“I’m really looking forward to being the school mascot this year. Ever since freshman year, I have dreamed of being the mascot. I’m excited because this position makes me feel really important. Although I sweat a bunch in the costume, it is totally worth it.”

-Erin Wallace (12)

Erin WallaceDinna Penida