Warehouse Live continues to provide indie music

On FridRocking out!ay night, people from different schools came together at Warehouse Live to listen to music. Not just any music, but performances by a Bellaire indie band and another eclectic band with another fellow student of ours. Anthropocene, a new indie band with lead singer Laura Mendoza had another concert. The group attending was very supportive and showed a lot of love for the local band. Friends as well as new comers to Warehouse Live stood together and swayed to the music. The group played numerous original songs and the mood was very light at the scene. Mendoza also stood on stage and gave a brief description of the reasoning for naming the band Anthropocene.

“Anthro means humans, and a cene is an era, so the literal break down of the name is the People’s Era,” said Mendoza. “We are living in the People’s Era right now, so it’s completely fitting.”

Lucas Martins, member of All the Others and another Bellaire student, gave his input of Anthropocene’s show.

“I was loving the vibe coming from the band itself and the audience,” said Martins. “Everyone was having a good time, and it was a nice escape from reality. Music takes away all the chaos around and makes everything good and calm. Their lyrics were good as well.”

Overall it was an entertaining night filled with friends, music, and fun. Keep your ears open for more from our local high school band and attend to support them in living their dream.